Liberal Preselection

Candidate For Makin

To the members of Makin,

As a local, liberal thinking member of your community, I am seeking preselection as your federal candidate.

I will proudly represent you with a confident and clear voice on the issues that matter to you, and in the interest of our city, state and country.

My broad life and working experience bring calm and measured wisdom to challenges. With compassion I will listen and advocate for you, and the diverse needs of all individuals and families in Makin.

Like our former member Trish Draper, and with your support, I believe we can win Makin back for the Liberal Party.


My electorate.

I have been a resident and an active member of the community in Makin for over thirty years.

Firstly, as a child living and attending primary and high school in Salisbury East. Then, as an adult residing in Wynn Vale, Modbury Heights and finally settling in Greenwith with my family.

I currently serve our electorate in a variety of community groups and activities including Rotary International, Friends of Cobbler Creek and for over 20+ years, have attended various churches in the area.

My children are, and have been, educated in the electorate at Tyndale Christian School, where I also serve on the Board of Governors.

About Me

I grew up with my parents and three older siblings in Salisbury East, attending the local public schools and graduating from Salisbury East High School in 1994.

I have consistently worked since I was thirteen years old. My first job was sweeping the local shopping centre carpark three mornings a week.

After becoming involved in a local church, I enrolled at Tabor College to study Christian Ministry. 

I deferred my studies when I became the primary carer for my late wife Charisse whom battled for 10 years with a rare genetic disease.


After a couple of years as a widower and single father to Isaac, I met and married Shonah (also widowed) and became a step-father to Amelia.

We later had our third child Jordan who completed our family.

Throughout my working career I have gained broad experience in financial, human resource, project management and operational aspects of small to medium enterprise.

I have served on various governing bodies over the years of varying size sporting, not-for-profit and charity organisations.

My hobbies include performing with the City of Adelaide Concert Band, volunteering for various not-for-profit organisations, and the study of Politics (B.Arts) online through Macquarie University.



Workplace strengths

Optimistic, with a can-do attitude
Endlessly active and capable of accomplishing a great deal
Can read an audience well and adapt to suit

Interaction strengths

Keep workplace relationships upbeat and action-oriented
Get to the point and focus on action
Strong problem-solving skills

Leadership strengths

Dynamic and engaging personality
Foster an energetic, can-do environment
Excellent collaborator

Core Values & Beliefs

I believe in Liberal Party principles.

Australian democracy and the decentralisation of power.

I stand for justice.

The freedom to worship and believe as we choose.
To express our individuality, and that we all have a voice and should be heard.

I value the Australian way of life.

Equality; mutual respect and tolerance, and that all Australians have the right to pursue happiness
and success.

Party Involvement

I have felt drawn to politics and public service for many years but recognised the timing was not right.

It was in early 2019 however that I felt a shift. I sensed a disconnect between myself and our leaders in Parliament and felt powerless, that as a regular Australian, I had no influence on where we were headed as a Nation. Global events and the political agendas of the Labor Party and The Greens had created a sense of unease for our potential future, and knew the time had come.

I joined the Liberal Party immediately following the last federal election determined to become involved, learn, and engage within the Party to which I’ve always felt aligned since adulthood.


I am priviledged to live in the state electorate of King, and met with Paula Luethen MP who after seeing my passion encouraged me to become involved on the branch committee.

Shortly after, I was voted in as Membership Officer, and proudly played a key role toward the branch winning the Alan Barrett Trophy for Branch Membership at the 2019/2020 State Conference.

I continue to work along-side Paula, engaging with the community at ‘listening posts’ in the electorate, letterboxing and door-knocking for her, and neighbouring Member for Newland, Richard Harvey MP.