South Australia

Personal bio.

Alan Howard-Jones (born 1977), his wife and three children live in the north-eastern suburbs of Adelaide.
Alan grew up in Salisbury East with his mother, brother and step-family.  Alan’s surname was changed by deed poll to his step-father’s surname Giancaspro in 1982 until along with his wife and young son, was changed back to Alan’s birth surname Howard-Jones in 2005.

Alan attended Salisbury East High School graduating year 12 in 1994, after which he entered the workforce.
In 1997 Alan enrolled at Tabor College to commence a degree in Christian Studies, but deferred indefinately prior to marrying.

Alan was first married in 1998 to Charisse Legge whom he met at church, and who lived with the rare disease Fanconi Anaemia. He was then widowed in 2009 due to complications from the disease. 
Alan with his young son blended their family when he married Shonah Wright (nee Hugo) along with her daughter in 2012.  Alan met Shonah through a mutual friend, but happened to know Shonah’s late husband Christopher through school.

Alan and Shonah’s family was completed with their youngest son arriving in 2014.


Alan has over 25 year’s working experience in the private sector, covering business management and administration, customer engagement and technical support roles within the commerce, healthcare, finance and manufacturing industries.
He has broad experience in financial, Human Resource, project management and operational aspects of small to medium enterprise.
He is a lateral thinker, with excellent negotiation, organisational, team building and cultural awareness skills.
He currently co-manages a small family-owned printing business, and provides web design & hosting services as a sole proprietor.

Community and causes

Alan is active in various community groups in Adelaide, and across the country and supports various causes and issues of social policy.

Community groups

Uniting Church in Australia
Alan is a member of the Uniting Church in Australia (UCA) and is actively involved with local churches in Golden Grove, and neighbouring Ridgehaven.

City of Adelaide Concert Band
Alan is a member of the City of Adelaide Concert Band and plays tenor saxophone and is a solo vocalist for selected performances.

Tyndale Christian School (South Australia)
Alan is a member of the Board of Governors at Tyndale Christian School, where his three children attend.


Fanconi Anaemia Support Australasia (
A volunteer, not-for-profit organisation which aims to unite and inform the FA community in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.  This is a cause close to Alan’s heart, as Fanconi Anaemia (FA) is the disease his late wife Charisse suffered throughout her life.

Aboriginal cultural heritage: recognition, respect and protection
Australia’s consitution does not recognise Aboriginal or Torrens Strait Islander peoples’ prior occupation and custodianship of their land.

There are significant gaps in the official histories of Australian-european settlement.

Rights in the traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions of Indigenous peoples must be respected, protected and maintained.

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